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Agripa Frame

Low production cost

Quick production

Quick installation

Quick change

Stylish and sleek appearance

Holds even very large print media

A revolution in outdoor advertising.
Outdoor advertising has many forms, including signs, stickers and banners. Fix Unlimited adds a unique new form to it, with the new Agripa Frame. It is simply a patented retainer that strongly holds stretched printed plastic films. This terminal strip can quickly be changed and is suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. The Agripa Frame is suitable for fixed and mobile applications and is suitable for mounting on buildings, sports grounds and various vehicles such as trucks, trailers and buses.


From printing to assembly, all in-house.
Fix Unlimited is the supplier of the Agripa system. This means that we do not only sell the Agripa Frame, but we also handle the on-site installation and replacement of the system and the print media. We also provide guarantee for our product and for the quality of our work. Our products are available from 1 m2 to
200 m2.


The benefits of Agripa Frame for indoor and outdoor.
The Agripa system has several advantages over any other form of indoor and outdoor advertising. First, because the advertisements are placed in a tight narrow profile in the Agripa Frame, it provides a sleek and professional look. 


Quick change makes it unique.
Also, billboards can easily be changed within a couple of minutes, which provides flexibility and helps avoid any problems. This feature is important for regularly-changing advertising sites, such as stations, airports, sports centers and sports grounds. 


Ideal for indoor-outdoor advertising.
The facades of shops, commercial and office buildings are also very attractive spots for Agripa Frames. The Agripa system and advertising hoardings are attractively priced and have a short delivery time. In short, the Agripa Frame is an ideal component of the marketing strategy of any enterprise.


Agripa Frame is revolutionary for trucks, trailers, buses and trams.
Agripa Frames are ideal for use on vehicles. The nice clean implementation, rapid change and attractive pricing make it even more favorable. Conventional advertising on trucks, buses and trams require a large investment, not only because of production cost, but also with the considerable installation cost. With the Agripa Frame, this is history! The installation cost is lower, because the installation takes only several minutes instead of several hours!
In short, the Agripa system is a breakthrough innovation in automotive advertising. 


Extra profit for transport companies.
The Agripa system offers unique opportunities at reduced cost to provide mobile billboard advertising. The good news is that you now know that the advertising in terms of cost is favorable to produce and very quick to change. This prevents any downtime on your vehicles. 


Within fifteen minutes a trailer with a new look!
The rapid interchangeability of banners is one of the strengths of the Agripa Frame. Two employees can change the entire advertising hoardings at the side of a trailer or truck within 15 minutes. Hence the Agripa Frame converts your fleet into moving billboards and makes a small investment to your fleet very profitable!


Absolutely safe for your fleet on the road.
The Agripa system does not affect the handling characteristics of your vehicles, do not affect the loading procedure whatsoever and is wash-resistant.


Unique communication medium for local authorities and (semi)-public.
For municipalities the Agripa Frame offers excellent opportunities for communication.
Agripa Frames can be mounted on the sides of municipal vehicles such as buses, garbage trucks and trams. With translucent film it is even possible to locate on the windows.


Change your message per day or per district.
Until now the only option for vehicle advertising was to apply a sticker on the printed material, which is a secure but time-consuming task. However, this brings most of the prolonged stagnation of the vehicle and requires the work of two men. The Agripa Frame has changed this situation! In just 3-4 minutes the advertising can be changed. The time savings is huge. This makes it even possible to change the message every day, every week, every month or every quarter, depending on the message.


Mounting Frames Agripa.
Agripa Frames can be mounted on virtually any surface; facades, windows, bodies, covers (Taut liners), curved or profiled sides of trucks and garbage trucks.
The installation is the work of Fix Unlimited specialists. They achieve this by using special, strong and non-destructive glue. This adhesive is special in the sense that after removal of the Agripa Frame, it leaves no trace on the vehicle. This aspect is especially important for leased vehicles.