FixArt Studio

Our knowledge and experience guarantee beautiful designs.

Consult with our advisors in advance what conditions your artwork must meet.

FixArt Studio is established as a division that will handle the design and printing of print media and will guide you convert your advertising ideas into billboards and  banners that will effectively convey your message to your audience. FixArt Studio knows the possibilities of Agripa system applications like no other. In addition, we have years of experience in outdoor advertising which will help you transform your message into original advertisements on billboards that will appeal to your target audience in the best way. Moreover, we are inherently creative and enthusiastic! This enables us to create original advertising and communications designs that appeal to your target audience in the best way possible. Simply explain your advertising plans to our designers. A short briefing is enough for us for a catchy design.

FixArt Studio converts your ideas or your first sketch to the print-ready digital files. These files are the basis for printing by Fix Unlimited.