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Figures on the effects of outdoor advertising.

9.25 million motor vehicles travel regularly around The Netherlands every day. 76% of the Dutch population commutes on average one hour/day for 37.5 kilometers.
In 2009, the Dutch population commuted for a total of 125 billion kilometers. On average, week day traveling time and traveling distance are greater than for weekend.





Exposure and Reach.
Truck-side advertising achieves 85% reach and up to 20x more frequency at a fraction of the cost for traditional marketing channels.

Recognition and Recall.
91% of the people report that they notice the words and pictures on fleet vehicles and 52% successfully recalls the ad. Moreover, mobile billboards boost name recognition 15 times greater than other forms of advertising.

Impression and Conversion.
75% of the people report that they developed a favorable impression about the contents of the billboard when they saw the mobile billboard. Also, 75% report that truck-side advertisements influence their buying habits and 29% report that they would base a buying decision on these impressions.

Unique opportunity for customization/segmentation.
The Agripa Frame enables you to place different banners on different trucks to customize your marketing campaign according to different segments and different regions, which will help improve sales and traffic within your audience. Therefore, you can switch advertising messages per day, per week or per month in different regions to test the effectiveness of your campaign and react quickly whenever an adjustment needs to be made.

Better value for money / Improved Return On Investment (ROI).
Mobile billboards cost about 80% less than time slots on television, 60% less than newspaper ads and 50% less than radio ads. Also, mobile advertising is able to reach a larger crowd than traditional marketing channels and is able to convert impressions into sales as well as traditional marketing channels do, which enables more value for money and an improved ROI compared to traditional channels.



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